Tansu Style Sideboard

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This Project was commissioned by The Athenian School in Danville, California for use in their Main Hall. They where looking for an iconic piece that would be a focal point for the display and distribution materials for the many events held in the Hall, as well as additional storage for these materials. Also, given that Environmental Stewardship is one of the Seven Pillars of the schools academic philosophy, a strong focus of the piece was to utilize urban recovered materials to the greatest extent possible.

The primary wood for the cabinet frame as well as the lower panels and drawer fronts is Angelim Pedro which was recovered from the bed of a one-ton flat bed pickup truck that was destined for the scrap yard. The side and front sliding door panels are from a fallen Elm tree recovered from a local home site. You’ll notice the Elm was highly spalted – which adds interest to the grain and provides for the varied coloration of the material And, finally, the rear panels (which can be seen in the image with the open doors) is Cherry recovered from Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage estate in Tenneesee following a 1998 tornado that swept thru the property and felled more than 1,000 trees


Material: Reclaimed Angilim Pedro and Reclaimed Urban Elm, Hermitage Cherry, Jarrah and Ebony detailing

Size: 60”w x 15”d x 18”h

Finish: Varnish